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Statistics for Linguistics with R published by Mouton de Gruyter

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Statistik für Sprachwissenschaftler published by Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht


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This is the companion website of the following publications: Statistics for Linguistics with R2 (2013, Mouton de Gruyter), Statistics for Linguistics with R1 (2009, Mouton de Gruyter), and Statistik für Sprachwissenschaftler (2008, Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht). This website contains all the files you will need for making the most of these books: all input files, all the R code, and all output files, which you should (i) download to your computer, (ii) unzip them using the passwords from the book, and (iii) put them into target directories as suggested below (or similar ones if you use a Macintosh or a Linux/Unix machine).

To unzip the encrypted zip files, use the passwords provided in your book (at the beginning of Chapter 2) with, say, 7-zip (Windows users), StuffItExpander (Macintosh users), or zip/7-zip (Unix/Linux users). Ideally, you have also already downloaded and installed the other applications you will need most for your book. In case you haven't, here are links to the most relevant applications, R and CRAN, RStudio, and LibreOffice.

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Korean, transl. of the 2nd edition

Errata (as of 23 June 2014)

English, 2nd edition

chapters 1 to 5: scripts/code
chapters 1 to 5: input files
chapters 1 to 5: output files

input files
output files
Errata (as of 01 March 2019)


English, 1st edition

chapters 1 to 5: R code
chapters 1 to 5: data files for the book
chapters 1 to 5: exercises
chapters 1 to 5: data files for exercises
chapters 1 to 5: answer keys to exercises
chapters 1 to 5: output files

code from the book
data from the book
data for the exercises
answer key for the exercises
output files
Errata (as of 08 Oct 2016)



Kapitel 1 bis 5: R code
Kapitel 1 bis 5: Datendateien für das Buch
Kapitel 1 bis 5: Übungsaufgaben
Kapitel 1 bis 5: Datendateien für die Übungsaufgaben
Kapitel 1 bis 5: Lösungen für die Übungsaufgaben
Kapitel 1 bis 5: Ausgabedateien

R code
Datendateien für die Übungsaufgaben
Lösungen für die Übungsaufgaben
Errata (Stand 10. März 2010) and Abbildung 65
Hinweise zu SPSS