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Last updated: 01 May 2023

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This is the companion website of Towards a revision of most corpus-linguistics statistics: Rethinking frequency, dispersion, association, keyness, and more (2024, XXX). This website contains the files you will need for making the most of this book: Here is a(n encrypted) zip file with all input/data files, all the general R code, and all helper functions, which you should (i) download to your computer, (ii) unzip using the password from the book, and (iii) put in a dedicated target directory for the book – meaning, don't let this rot in your downloads folder ;-). To unzip the encrypted zip file, use the password provided in your book (at the very end of Chapter 1) with a proper unzipping software such as 7-zip (Windoze users), StuffItExpander (Macintosh users), or zip/7-zip (Unix/Linux users). At a later stage, I will most likely make all of this into an R package called KLD4C, which will then also be available here. Ideally, you have also already downloaded and installed (or updated) the main applications you might want to use this book with. In case you haven't, here are links to the most relevant applications, R and CRAN, RStudio, and Quarto. Once errata and/or updates/additions arise, I will make them available on this page as well.