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Last updated: 01 November 2022

Collostructional analysis
the script, help files,
and examples

Collostructional analysis


This is the central collostructional analysis website for performing collostructional analyses with the open source software tool and programming language R . For questions regarding the use of the R program made available here, please consult my books Quantitative Corpus Linguistics with R: […]2 and Statistics for Linguistics with R: […]3 ;-) , join their Google groups, and post your question(s) there.

Background information

Stefanowitsch & Gries (2003 and 2005), Gries & Stefanowitsch (2004a and 2004b), Gries, Hampe, & Schönefeld (2005 and 2010), Gries (2015a, 2015b, 2019, 2022, and to appear (in Cognitive Semantics))

My script Coll.analysis 4.0

Coll.analysis 4.0
readme.txt for Coll.analysis 4.0 (make sure you read this before you use it!)

Collexeme analysis

input files: 1.csv
output files: 1_out.csv

(Multiple) distinctive collexeme analysis

input files: 2a.csv, 2b.csv, 2c.csv
output files: 2a_out.csv, 2b_out.csv, 2c_out.csv

Covarying collexeme analysis

input files: 3.csv
output files: 3_out.csv