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My new book: · · · The ms of my new book on revolutionizing corpus-linguistic statistics ;-) has been reviewed and the recommendation was "accept with minor revisions" – The revisions are done and the book will now make its way into John Benjamins's series Studies in Corpus Linguistics · · · Collostructional analysis: · · · A completely revised version of coll.analysis is now available at https://www.stgries.info/teaching/groningen/index.html · · · Also, I have completely redeveloped from scratch a script to compute hierarchical configural frequency analyses – let me know if you want to test/use it · · · Papers just published: · · · STG, "New technologies and advances in statistical analysis in recent decades" (The Handbook of Usage-Based Linguistics) · · · STG, "Quantitative corpus methods of cognitive semantics" (Handbook of Cognitive Semantics) · · · STG, "Overhauling collostructional analysis: Towards more descriptive simplicity and more explanatory adequacy" (Cognitive Semantics) · · · STG, B.G. Slocum, & K. Tobia, "Corpus-linguistic approaches to lexical statutory meaning: Extensionalist vs. intensionalist approaches" (Applied Corpus Linguistics 4(1)) · · · STG & T. Gales, "Talking across the interdisciplinary aisle: A guide for legal and corpus-linguistic scholars and practitioners" (Applied Corpus Linguistics 4(1)) · · · papers to be published: · · · T.J. Bernaisch, STG, & J. Mukherjee, "South Asian Englishes in corpus linguistics". (Handbook of South Asian Englishes, Oxford: Oxford University Press) · · · STG, "Corpus linguistics and the cognitive/constructional endeavor" (Cambridge Handbook of Construction Grammar) · · · STG, "Against level-3-only analyses in corpus linguistics" (ICAME Journal) · · · STG, "Incorporating corpora in second language acquisition research" (The encyclopedia of applied linguistics. 2nd ed.) · · · STG, "Corrections to Nelson (2023): DPnorm and DKLnorm are not wrong on pi at all" (Journal of Quantitative Linguistics · · · STG & S. Wulff, "20 years of CLLT" (special issue of Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory) · · · J.F. Olguín Martínez & STG, "Hypothetical manner constructions and filler-slot relations" (Constructions and Frames) · · · S. Wulff & STG, "CLLT 'vs' Corpora and IJCL: a (half serious) keyness analysis" (Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory) · · · talks/workshops to be given: · · · STG, "Rethinking the measurement and role(s) of our central corpus-linguistics statistics: on dispersion, association, and keyness" (invited plenary talk at the 1st Linguistics Studies Biennial Conference (LSBC 2024), Kuwait University, Kuwait, 04-05 March 2024) · · · STG, "'Shallow' supervised machine learning in R (2): an application of random forests to the dative alternation" (invited workshop at Department of English Language and Literature, Kuwait University, 05 March 2024) · · · STG, "Quantitative corpus linguistics: an overview of different use cases" (invited colloquium presentation, Department of English Language and Literature, Kuwait University, 06 March 2024) · · · STG, "Random forests: application and interpretation" (invited wokshop presentation, Department of English Language and Literature, Kuwait University, 06 March 2024) · · · STG, "Predictive modeling with mixed-effects modeling and trees/forests" (bootcamp at the Université catholique de Louvain (08-12 July 2024) – let Magali Paquot or me know if you're interested in attending · · · STG & T.J. Bernaisch, "A linguistic epicenter in South Asia: a corpus-based diachronic analysis of four alternations in six varieties." (invited talk at the CoMeVar work group during the LLcD 2024 conference at Sorbonne University, Paris, 09-11 September 2024) · · · other: · · · I have just reached 22,000 citations on Google Scholar · · · Danny Hieber just posted a small blog entry and a short YouTube video about my 2006 paper on run · · · This article in The Verge, for which I was interviewed and in which I am quoted, discusses the use of corpora for legal interpretation · · ·